Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Petition to Investigate Pressler and Pressler

If you have been victimized, scammed or defrauded by Pressler and Pressler, then please sign this petition. Click on the link below. If Jon Corzine does not acknowledge the crimes Pressler and Pressler has commited, then I personally recommend we take this federal. We may need to get the Federal government to force New Jersey Debt Collection Lawyers to obey the law. Ironic isn't it. Here is the link for Petition to defeat Pressler and Pressler.

Petition to DEFEAT Pressler and Pressler.

Please sign this petition there is power in numbers.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well here is a link to something I found on another collection agency known as OSI Collection Services that was investigated etc.


And also the New York Times printed an article on Debt Collector. To see it click here.

"An Outcry Rises as Debt Collectors Play Rough"



Pressler and Pressler and New Jersey Corruption. . . . . . .

For some strange reason they don't seem to like it when they or Pressler and Pressler LLP are exposed for their connection to Orazio Lembo. I just wanted to add something today, actually 2 things.

At least with the mafia they only come after you if you owe them money. Debt Collection Lawyers and Collection Agencies come after you whether you owe them or DON'T owe them money. It doesn't matter with Debt Collection Lawyers.

Also Pressler and Pressler LLP commits LARCENY by robbing millions of dollars from banks, so in effect Pressler and Pressler are bank robbers. And I bet all of you U.S. citizens thought bank robbery was a crime in the United States, not according to Pressler and Pressler LLP and the New Jersey Judicial System, they actually seem ok with it.

Here is a a link from It gives you a general idea of your rights when dealing with thugs such as Pressler and Pressler LLP.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Pressler and Pressler in New Jersey

Talk about Pressler and Pressler and Corruption in New Jersey. Did anyone see what happened on the new yesterday in the corrupt state. Here is a quote taken from an article in the New York Times by David W. Chen:

“It’s been six years doing this job, and I thought I could no longer be surprised by a combination of brazenness, arrogance and stupidity,” Mr. Christie said. “But the people elected in this state continue to defy description.”


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pressler and Orazio Lembo

Well I would also like to add a link about this article if I haven't done it already. This man Robert A. Jones filed a class action lawsuit against Orazio Lembo and listed Pressler and Pressler as the only defendant.

CLICK HERE to read the article.

And before Orazio Lembo was arrested he was trying to branch out to Manhattan. Although I can't say for sure who may or may not have been victimized by this lawfirt and Orazio Lembo.

Pressler and Pressler, and Orazio Lembo

Well here goes. I called the Hackensack Police Department to see if I could get more information on the racket Orazio Lembo was running and I didn't get any more information really than what is on the internet. What I did realize is that or according to one of the news articles Orazio Lembo had a list of NAMES of people sought for debt collection he turn over those names to Bank Employees who then gave Orazio Lembo all the private info based on someones name at that bank. But here is one of the articles.

"Lembo received lists of people sought for debt collection and turned that information over to the seven bank workers, who would compare those names to their client lists. The bank workers were paid $10 for each account they turned over to Lembo", Zisa said.

CLICK HERE for the full article where I got the above quote.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Defeat Pressler

I have some more info for anyone scammed by Pressler and Pressler. These are the addresses, phone number etc. Well I think Hopactong, NJ might be his real address where you can send him a Thank You note for commiting Fraud. On the DEFEATPRESSLER website it says Mr. Sheldon Pressler is from Hopatcong, NJ well here is his address where you need to send mail regarding judgements, lawsuits etc. I don't have his fax number yet, but I do have a Palm Beach address.

Sheldon Pressler
323 Lakeside Blvd.
Hopatcong, NJ 07843